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The Amazing Spiderman 2? Who's the villian.

2012-07-04 19:28:42 by pinkdankk

OKAY NOW!!! soo I just saw the movie and it was soo friking awesome :3 but down to the really tricky part (a.k.a the villian! or villians.. i dunno) .. I hear alot of talk about mysterio... yaa u know the guy with the x-mas globe or fish tank for a head? :/ yeahh... (cough) Personally, I AM DYING TO SEE CARNAGE! BUUUUTTT seeing Venom once more would be amazing ;) only if we got to see more Venom and I mean alot more action scenes :D XD

I dont know much about this rhino character that everyone is talking about but i do think that he could possibly be the next villian. Buttttt anyways going a litte of topic ( ok very off topic .. sorry cant help it im adhd!!) I have heard alot of rumors about them introducing a totally new villain?? Dunno... -files nails- :/

anyways thats all i had to say .__. soo yaa XDD comment if u shall >:O no bad comments .. (youll hurt my feelings..) -trys to cry but it comes out a little more sarcastic than anything else- boo hoo.. :/

anyways leave your thoughts fellow peeps :D


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2012-08-13 11:25:09

hey baby giggity!


pinkdankk responds:

o.o... really.. thats all u can say about this o.o... -____-#! gah!